May 28, 2014

short story: home movie

pop-up book
paper, book board, photo, pencil, marker

March 31, 2014

short story: moby

pop-up book
paper, foam core, pencil, marker

March 15, 2014

short story: ice fishin'

pop-up book
paper, book board, pencil, marker

March 01, 2014

Bang. Bang.

a short animation.

and here's where to find it:

January 16, 2014

canadian girl: the winter campaign

watercolour. gouache, metal leaf

May 27, 2013

wolf pack, #7: the shade

the last wolf.
fabric, lingerie findings, fishnet stocking, zipper, beads.

May 18, 2013

paper cutting: leaf #6

paper cutting on craft paper